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Change Your Pillowcases!

Many of us are not changing our pillowcases enough and dirty pillowcases can be causing or exasperating inflammation and acne. If you are struggling with breakouts or acne of any kind, change your pillowcases daily! Yes, daily. Change them like your underwear! Overnight, our skin and hair secrete sebum, oils, and dead cells as the body works to repair and rejuvenate.

How often are you really changing your pillowcases? Think about it – kinda yuck!! Even if you don’t go as far as changing them daily, please consider changing them more often! Your skin will thank you.

Clean Sheets Club over here!

Lately I have been loving these chic and cute silk pillowcases from Kitch – they are under $25 – (great value) and I have a code (ASHLEYBYRDKNAPP15) if you’re interested in saving a little bit of $ (obvi!).

Huge fan of silk pillowcases because they are great for both skin and hair! The silk pillowcases work for anti-aging and reduction of wrinkles!!

A silky smooth surface with very little friction means less tugging on the skin than with a traditional cotton pillowcase. Reason enough for me to make the switch. I’m using all silk now.

Silk is less apt to absorb moisture from our skin and/or hair, leaving the skincare creams, treatments or oils on the face while we sleep to work their magic instead of rubbing off on the pillowcase.

Lastly, it’s great for hair because it does not pull or tug on hair or create bedhead like traditional cotton does. I even switched Vivienne to silk pillowcases – she was waking up with major knots in her hair because she moves around a ton while she sleeps – it helped majorly and she loves the way they feel. Hair glides over the silk instead of creating the friction and bedhead vibes.

This is a fairly simple and low cost way to improve your sleep / skin / hair / habits that I hope you put to use and enjoy!

Check out some more of my favorite silk items in my Amazon storefront!

January 4, 2022



I’m Ashley, founder of Chirp Beauty. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a Licensed Esthetician specializing in results-driven skincare. There’s no such thing as perfect skin, but I can help you have your BEST skin with clinical and holistic practices, plus lots of love.

Why choose Chirp? We are esthetic services for the modern age. All you need is internet connection and the desire to become your most confident self. Our treatment plans are comprehensive and designed to fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Whether you’re low-maintenance or a full-blown skincare junkie, we can develop a treatment plan that helps you feel your best. Consider us your new skincare coach.



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Long Island locals (or ambitious commuters) can book an appointment for a facial with Chirp founder Ashley Byrd. Book a Virtual Consultation beforehand for a discount IRL.

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If you’ve ever asked yourself “How the F do I use this product?” this is the service for you. Share how you treat your skin and we will teach you how to maximize your product’s benefits in order to reach your skincare goals.

Ongoing support to meet your ultimate skin goals.

Flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight. Meet regularly with Ashley to address concerns proactively, not after you’re already feeling low on confidence.

Meet with Ashley to find the cure to your skin concerns.

A Zoom consultation to discuss all things skin, lifestyle, diet, and routine, and come up with a detailed plan to help you achieve your dream skin. 

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Antonia C.

“Ashley is an amazing esthetician who works diligently and passionately with her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable in skin care, and knows exactly how to help you reach your skin care goals! After a facial from Ashley, I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable, and my skin had immediately improved; looking beautiful, bright and refreshed! I definitely will be coming back to her for more facials in the future!!”

Darien W.

“Love coming to Ashley for my facials! Always a much needed relaxing treatment. And you leave with the most amazing glow! I was getting compliments all day. I will most definitely be back! 🤍”


“I am excited to be working with you to help my skin age gracefully! Trying to stay 33 forever..... actually make me 23!”

Suzane F.

“Love getting facials done by this talented skin healing queen. Ashley is passionate about her work and your skin will be in great hands. She has been working with me on clarifying my hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and fading burn scars. She genuinely cares about your skin concerns and is knowledgeable in how to help achieve your skin goals. She’s just a one of a kind gem and you’ll love to have such a wonderful esthetician and person working on your skin. Skin can be such a sensitive and personal issue and Ashley will help heal and guide you in the right direction on your journey to achieve great skin.”

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